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To provide a robust and dedicated tutoring experience tailored to your child.

Building on years of expertise and insight, we offer a rich, evidence-informed learning experience that will challenge your child, helping them jump beyond expectations.

Our tutors are all seasoned with strong subject knowledge enabling them to simplify complex ideas and repackage them in a structured and engaging manner for your child to easily learn.

Our work is the work of transformation.

By empowering your child with greater understanding and knowledge, we aim to transform their lives and transcend expectations – no matter what their starting point may be.

Study. Succeed. Transcend.

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Αrman Οsmany (NPQ, PGCE, MA, BA Hons)

Our director

Having gained a PGCE in Secondary English 8 years ago, he has taught numerous pupils of varying abilities across multiple contexts. He has helped pupils predicted grade 6s to achieve 9s as well as grade 4s to achieve 6s.

Additionally, he has been an AQA examiner since 2017, enabling him to gain valuable insights into the marking process and how pupils can gain the most for each question. Furthermore, he is a postgraduate from the illustrious English department of King’s College London as well as a BA (Hons) graduate in Arabic & Politics. As an active member of the Chartered College of Teaching, he continually expands his pedagogical repertoire to aid his pupils, stretching and challenging them to exceed their own expectations.

He also holds a NPQ (National Professional Qualification) in Leading Teacher Development and has subsequently led teacher training seminars on multiple topics, such as strategies for developing literacy and building metacognition.


“Learning a new language during my undergraduate years gave me an insight into the logic of grammar, completing a master’s widened my mind to the creative possibilities and richness of literature, and completing a PGCE gifted me with the ability to impart it to others.”​

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Understanding Cognitive Load Theory

Understanding Cognitive Load Theory

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